The "yield from" proposal

10 April 2009 (updated 04 March 2015)

There's a bit of buzz on the python-ideas mailing list about Greg Ewing's proposal for a new keyword "yield from ". He has made a draft PEP and patch for python 2.6.1.

On short it adds syntactic sugar for generator decomposition and adds a "return value " statement in generators (the underlying mechanism for that is a StopIteration(value) exception).

Here's a straightforward example:

>>> def g1():
...     print "Starting g1"
...     yield "g1 ham"
...     result = yield from g2()
...     print "Got result: %r from g2" % result
...     yield "g1 eggs"
...     print "Finishing g1"
>>> def g2():
...     print "Starting g2"
...     yield "g2 spam"
...     yield "g2 more spam"
...     print "Finishing g2"
...     return "foobar"
>>> for x in g1():
...     print "Yielded", x
Starting g1
Yielded g1 ham
Starting g2
Yielded g2 spam
Yielded g2 more spam
Finishing g2
Got result: 'foobar' from g2
Yielded g1 eggs
Finishing g1

There are a bunch of other examples and tests bundled with Greg's patch.

I got the patch and it works :). Had to manually rebuild the parser - make didn't do it by itself and I had to run "make Parser/pgen & make Python/graminit.c & make ". I wonder why.

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