Finished my formal CS studies - quite disappointing

10 July 2008 (updated 20 September 2018)

Finally! After 4 years of half extremely boring lab-work and excruciating math exams I get a Computer Science diploma. Fantastic!

Was it worth it? Well, for one thing, I get a diploma - we'll see if that really helps me at anything at all. But did it learn me anything? Little.

Set aside the maths this faculty didn't learn me shit. You don't learn advanced stuff - from functional to UNIX programming everything is introductory stuff - you can finish the faculty with your head empty and your time wasted, easy. Just for a damn diploma.

You'll even have to write a project for the diploma thesis, you'll have to present it and at the end you'll find yourself very unsatisfied because your audience will be clueless (they didn't even know what a coroutine is, damn it!) and uninterested (they won't even bother to read your paper that took time and effort).

I doubt working though the pile of arrogant, bored teachers - some not even deserving their degree - that don't give a shit about you was worth giving 4 years of my life. I'm not saying not to do it - I'm saying to have very low expectations.

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