ClearType is for color blind people

01 May 2008 (updated 20 September 2018)

I was going to title it as 'ClearType sucks' but anyway.

ClearType uses a technique named subpixel rendering that absolutely sucks - at least for me. Say for example I have some black text on white background then the subpixel rendering will make some adjacent pixels have some colors.

Take an example, Consolas, a font that works only with ClearType:

Consolas ClearType sample

That just looks painful for my eyes, I see every colored pixel in something that should had been only black and white (or gray at least) - it's just friggin painful. If you don't notice it (well, I might see better than you) look here:

What's with all the colors?!

And I'm not just running on crap hardware - I think a Dell 2407WPF-HC is good enough!

I've also tried to tune the ClearType a bit and it still looks like crap.

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