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03 July 2011 (updated 20 September 2018)

I found a cool tool today to measure code: metrics. It measures SLOC, comments and cyclomatic complexity. It's easy to install: pip install pygments metrics

Run this in your project's root:

metrics -v `find . -type f \( -iname "*.css" -or -iname "*.py" -or -iname "*.js" -or -iname "*.html" -or -iname "*.txt" \) \! -path "*/migrations/*.py" -print`

I have a django project so I added \! -path "*/migrations/*.py" to skip any files that are in a migrations dir (I'd skip the automatically generated south migrations).

You probably bundle other libraries or apps in your source tree (eg: jquery or that nice django app the author didn't bother to make a script for) so you want to measure only some specific paths. Eg, to collect stats only for files in src/foobar, lib/tools and src/otherbar:

metrics -v `find src/foobar lib/tools src/otherbar -type f \( -iname "*.css" -or -iname "*.py" -or -iname "*.js" -or -iname "*.html" -or -iname "*.txt" \) \! -path "*/migrations/*.py" -print`

If you work on multiple projects you can make a script or alias for this:

metrics -v `find \`cat METRICS\` -type f \( -iname "*.css" -or -iname "*.py" -or -iname "*.js" -or -iname "*.html" -or -iname "*.txt" \) \! -path "*/migrations/*.py" -print`

And in each project just save a METRICS file with the list of paths.

I get something like this for one random project:

Metrics Summary:
Files                       Language        SLOC Comment McCabe
----- ------------------------------ ----------- ------- ------
  129                         Python        4831     289    261
    2                      Text only           0       0      0
   49              HTML+Django/Jinja        1381      19    166
    7                     JavaScript        2204     231    352
   21                            CSS        1839     111      0
----- ------------------------------ ----------- ------- ------
  208                          Total       10255     650    779

Do McCabe (aka cyclomatic complexity) ratios (McCabe/(SLOC-Comment)) look odd? (0.17 for javascript and and 0.05 for python).

Do you know other measurement tools adequate for Django projects? Do tell me and, if possible, how to run it for specific files like above (I'm lazy :)

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