On the future of cogen coroutine library

15 September 2008 (updated 20 September 2018)

The major refactor of the socket stuff is finally in the trunk. The Socket is more in line with the standard socket module in python (there's a makefile and a _fileobject for readline just like the standard library). And it looks like performance is still pretty good.

The only things I can think of right now are the unittests for the socket stuff - they lack good coverage and they were actually made for the previous incompatible cogen socket api. They will be fixed eventually.

Another thing is that i'm trying to push some patches in the pywin32 module for win32file.TransmitFile and win32file.ConnectEx. But it's going so slow that I'm thinking it isn't going to work out and I'd better write a separate module for the GetQueueCompletionStatus, CreateIoCompletionPort, WSASend, WSARecv, ConnectEx, TransmitFile and avoid all that insane overlapped struct hacking that happens in the win32file module. Wadda ya think?

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