Less known packaging features and tricks

Presenter Notes


Ionel Cristian Mărieș

ionel” is read like „yonel”, @ionelmc, blog.ionelmc.ro

  • Did PyPI releases of 40-something distinct packages, since 2007
  • Working on a project with ~125 python package dependencies
  • Working on a rewrite of virtualenv (still not merged, but quite usable)

Presenter Notes

  • So I've said in the abstract that I'd wager some beers on the fact that I'm gonna teach you something ...
  • Going to go real fast through some introductory notions and then to the more obscure things

But first ...

Trigger warning: There's going to be lots of talking about setup.py

Presenter Notes

  • Room full: this reminds me of David Beazley's lock the doors joke. But knowing how angry people are in general about packaging, that would be scary ...
  • Questions: just ask them. Raise/wave hand or yell. OK, maybe not yell ...
  • There will be some advising here and there. You might disagree if you already did lots of packaging